How do I customize the ticket form?

Mojo Helpdesk supports adding fields to the ticket form. These are called custom fields. Custom field input can be either required or optional. Adding a Custom Field --------------------- Custom fields can be added from the manage menu. Manage> All Settings> Ticket Form. You can chose the type of field you want to add to the form (drop-down, text, numeric, decimal, etc.) and and any custom field name can be chosen (e.g. Location, Account Number). Custom fields can be made visible to all users or only the helpdesk staff. Re-ordering Form Fields ----------------------- You are able to re-order the form fields from the ticket field management screen. Manage> Ticket Form. Click the link 'reorder fields' to order your fields with drag and drop. Please note: this feature works best using Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Using IE may cause problems. Required Custom Fields ---------------------- When a custom field is created and made 'required', a default value must be entered to populate tickets coming in by email. Also, a 'set value' is required for all pre-existing tickets. Deleting a Custom Field ----------------------- Once a custom field is deleted, all values are deleted from all tickets. This is not reversible.
Published on: 2013-09-13 See other articles in Ticket Form.