What types of emails are sent from Mojo Helpdesk?

Mojo Helpdesk sends email notifications automatically based on certain conditions. Here's a list of all the emails sent out by Mojo.
New User Welcome Email
- This email contains Mojo's system login credentials and is sent when any new user is created in the helpdesk. A user is created when they submit their first ticket or when they are added by staff. If you'd like your users to login with Google or Azure AD, can turn off this welcome email in `Admin Settings -> Helpdesk Configuration` scroll down to Email Settings, and toggle "Send user creation welcome email" OFF.

New Ticket Notification for Ticket Submitter
- This email is sent to the ticket submitter to confirm that their ticket was received. You can also turn this off for ticket submitters in Helpdesk Configuration (similar to the New User Welcome Email).

New Ticket Notification for Agents
- Another version of the new ticket notification is sent to helpdesk staff members to alert them of a new ticket. You can customize for which queues you'd like each agent to receive a notification for. Alternatively, you can choose NOT to be notified for any tickets. Learn how you can change the settings here.

Assigned To Notification
- This email is sent to an agent whenever a ticket has been assigned them. This notification is sent only to the agent/ticket assignee, not the ticket submitter.

Re-Assigned Notification
- This email is sent to the new ticket assignee and the previous assignee (both agents). The ticket submitter is not notified of this change.

Comment Added
- This email is sent to the the ticket submitter or assignee when a comment has been added to the ticket. An agent will receive a notification when the submitter/user adds a comment. Alternatively, the submitter/user receives an email when the agent updates the ticket.

Comment (Staff Note) Added
- This email is sent only to agents. The ticket assignee will be notified of any comments added by other staff.

Forgot Password
- This email is sent to any user that clicks on the 'forgot my password' link from Mojo's login page.

Ticket Rating Email
- This email is sent 24 hours after a ticket has been marked 'closed'. The email can be disabled by going to `Admin Settings -> Helpdesk Configuration`, scroll down to Email Settings and toggle `Send Rating Email` OFF. You can also stop ratings all together by choosing Allow Ratings = OFF in `Helpdesk Configuration > Miscellaneous Settings`.

Other Emails
- Other emails may be sent by a Trigger or an Automation. To disable automated responses, go to `Admin Settings > Triggers or Automations`.

Want to change the content of the emails? Head over to our KB article on customizing your helpdesk notifications.

Want to sign up for notifications on a specific ticket? You can add a ticket to your watchlist to receive updates on a ticket.
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