What types of emails are sent from Mojo Helpdesk?

Mojo Helpdesk sends email notifications automatically based on certain conditions. The wording of the emails can be changed in the email settings page. **New User Welcome Email** This email which contains Mojo's system login credentials is sent when any new user is created in the helpdesk. A user is created when they submit their first ticket or when they are added by staff. **New Ticket Notification** This email is sent to the ticket submitter to confirm receipt of the ticket in the helpdesk. Another version is sent to helpdesk staff members to notify them of a new ticket arriving in the helpdesk. **Assigned To Notification** This email is sent to ticket assignee when a ticket has been assigned them. This is only sent to the ticket assignee, not the ticket submitter. **Re-Assigned Notification** This email is sent to the new ticket assignee and the previous assignee. The ticket submitter is not notified of this change. **Comment Added** This email is sent to the the ticket submitter or assignee when a comment has been added to the ticket. Note: when private messages are added to a ticket only the ticket assignee will receive an email. **Forgot Password** This email is sent to any user that clicks on the 'forgot my password' link from Mojo's login page.
Published on: 2013-09-13
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