How do I create a new article/topic in the Knowledge Base?

###Create Topics and Articles In version 1, you can create topics and articles by going to `Manage> All Settings> Knowledge Base Management`, In version 2, go to `Admin Settings` and choose `Knowledge Base` under the `Help Center` section. &&&&Topics On the left sidebar, click `Topics`. Here you'll find your list of topics,. You can create new ones, determine hierarchy (parent and sub-topic, re-order topics), and create new ones. &&&&Articles Once you've created topics, you can then start adding articles. On the left sidebar, click `Articles`. As you add the article you can specify which topic the article will appear in. Use markdown or the editor within the article content area for styling. Articles are able to be 'featured' or not featured. Featured articles will always appear in the Knowledge Base main content area. Non-featured will only appear on the page if they fall within the range of the amount that are to be displayed. When you create an article you are able check a box to publish upon saving. If you do not check the 'publish' box, your article will be saved as an un-published draft.  
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