How do I mass delete my test tickets?

There isn't a good way to delete test tickets in bulk, so it's not advisable to create too many test tickets. If, however, you imported a bunch of tickets for testing purposes without thinking, there are some options to get rid of them. - You can create an automation that turns the status of all tickets back into "new". From the 'unassigned' ticket list you can mass delete them. (Note: the automation will take up to one hour to execute) - You can assign all the tickets to yourself using an automation, then you can mass delete them from the 'My Assignments' list by using 'Give Me More Power', the small button near the top of the ticket list. (Note: the automation will take up to one hour to execute). No action is allowed to be taken on 'closed' tickets, so the automation won't work on these tickets. If you have imported all tickets as 'closed', it is best to create a queue for these for archiving purposes.  
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