How do I disable ticket rating emails after a ticket is closed?

Question: My users receive email reminders to rate & close their tickets after they are solved. How do I turn these email notifications off? Answer: These email notifications are set as default Automations when you sign up for mojo. To turn these notifications off: Click **manage** >> **Automations** >> **deactivate** "Reminder to rate #1" and "Reminder to rate #2" Rating a ticket by email: The email sent to the ticket submitter after a ticket has been closed without a rating can also be turned off. Turning this off disallows a user to rate the ticket by email. In version 1 of Mojo Helpdesk: Go to Manage> Configure Mojo Helpdesk> Change (to put in edit mode)> Send Ratings Email = uncheck for no> Save. In version 2 of Mojo Helpdesk: Open the menu by clicking the wrench icon, then choose Helpdesk Settings, then choose 'Configuration' in the Account Information section.
Published on: 2013-09-20
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