How do I schedule an recurring export?

To schedule an automated export go to `Manage > All Settings > Export` (or just `Manage>Export`). In version 2 of Mojo (the latest version) find `Export Data` in `Helpdesk Settings`. Here you can click on the `new ticket export` button in the Ticket Export section. 1. Filter the export by the criteria you need. 2. Click the 'schedule recurring export' button. 3. Select the period in which you want to receive the export (every week, every month). 4. Add the recipient's email. 5. Click 'save' at the bottom to schedule the export Mojo will now email the recipients the csv file at the time frame specified. The scheduled report can be managed in the export list. Why did I stop receiving my scheduled export? Every 45 days Mojo will email the export creator to confirm the continued sending of the report. If not confirmed by the export creator, Mojo will stop sending the export. The export will need to be managed (executed) in the export list.  
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