How can I set up multiple ticket forms for my helpdesk?

By default, Mojo Helpdesk uses one ticket form. You are able to create multiple ticket forms by going to Admin > Ticket Forms. 1. To create a new form, click the 'add new form' button on the right hand side of the page. 2. Now you will add a title for your new form and add help text for the form or you can use the default help text. 3. You will then need to select a queue if you want to automatically route requests to a queue. If not, you can let the user decide which queue to submit the ticket to. 4. Then you can choose who can view this ticket form, it can be visible to helpdesk staff only or visible to all users and available in the help center. 5. Once you have created your form you can then customize the form's fields. You are able to add custom fields and enable or disable existing system fields. 6. If you want to use the new form for incoming tickets from email, select the 'set as default' next to the form title in the ticket form list. New forms are unpublished by default. To allow helpdesk staff and users to access the new form you must publish it first. The number of forms you can publish depends on which plan you have subscribed to.  
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