What are ticket tags? How do I create, delete or merge tags?

Ticket tags are a way to label and categorize tickets. These are independent from the ticket form, ticket type and ticket queue. Tags are color-coded and can be added to tickets as needed by agents. They can be used for on-the-go reporting and as a visual cue on what's left to be done a ticket. 
  • Tag information is captured when tickets are exported.
  • Agents can also create a ticket list (search/saved view) filtered by tags. 
  • Tags can also be used in Triggers.

For example, the helpdesk manager can create a tag "add to KB" and instruct agents to tag tickets that need to have a KB article created for it. The helpdesk manager can create a custom view to manage these tickets and create an article for them.

Creating a Tag 

There are two ways to create a tag. Only agents with Manager and Admin can create a tag.
  1. The first way to create a tag is by going to Admin Settings > Tags (under ticket configuration). 
  2. Tags can also be created from the ticket itself. Open a ticket, then under the title or subject field, click on the tag icon. Click on create a new tag. 

Adding a Tag to a Ticket/Removing a Tag from a Ticket

Tags can be added to the ticket. A maximum of 10 tags can be added per ticket. All agents have the ability to add a tag on a ticket.
  1. Open the ticket. 
  2. Click on the tag icon under the subject/title field. This will bring up a pop-up with the list of tags.
  3. Click on a tag to add it to the ticket. This will put a check mark on the tag. To remove a selected tag, simply click on it to unselect it. This will remove it from the ticket.

Transferring Tickets from One Tag to Another (Merge) vs. Deleting a Tag

Managers and admins can move tagged tickets to another tag (merge) or simply delete the tag. The merge feature will transfer tickets from tag1 to tag2 and in the process delete tag1. Delete will simply delete the tag on a ticket. 
  1. Click on Admin Settings > Tags (under ticket configuration)
  2. This will bring you to the Manage Tags page where you can find a list of all the tags. To the left will be a list of all the actions available on the tag - merge, edit, delete. Clicking on any of these icons will open up a dialog box for the desired action.
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