How do I suspend an agent?

Agents who no longer work for the company can be suspended or deleted. Suspended agents will not be able to log in to the helpdesk and cannot be assigned any new tickets. &&&&What's the difference between suspending and deleting an agent? If you choose to suspend an agent their historical ticket data is preserved. However, they still count towards your agent seats. If you choose to delete an agent, all their comments and ticket data will be deleted. &&&&To suspend an agent: 1. Go to `Admin Settings -> Agents` 2. Search for the agent or user you want to suspend 3. Click on the pencil icon underneath their picture or initials to edit their profile 4. Change from Active to Suspended *Please note the steps above can also be followed to suspend a user. After an agent or user is suspended, they can no longer log-in to the helpdesk. Additionally, an agent cannot be assigned any new tickets. If they are assigned any open tickets, you'll need to reassign those to another agent. [Here's a KB article on assigning a ticket in bulk.](  
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