Adding a New User

With Mojo Helpdesk, users are created automatically the first time they use the helpdesk, whether it's sending an email to the helpdesk or opening a ticket using a form. If the default settings are kept, there is no need to manually create a user. However, if you've added restrictions to your helpdesk such as "allowing only registered users to open tickets" or if you've whitelisted a domain. This means you'll need to create the user before they can use the helpdesk. To add a new user, go to `Admin Settings> Users`. Click on `+ new user` to create a **new** user. Enter the user/ticket creator's information. If you're only giving the user permissions to open a ticket, make sure you choose **user** as the role. For information on the other roles, check out the KB article on the different types of [User Roles.](  
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