What are the types of ticket statuses?

In Mojo Helpdesk, a ticket can either be new, in progress, on hold, information requested, solved or closed. We can group these two ticket statuses in two groups open tickets are tickets that still need work, while resolved tickets do not require the agent's attention.

Open Tickets: Tickets in the following status are considered open and are visible in the "My Assignments" and "Open Tickets" view list

  • New: The ticket has just been created.
  • In progress: There is ongoing work on the ticket. 
  • Information requested: The agent needs more information in order to proceed working on the ticket. 
  • On hold: The ticket is waiting for an event to happen. No work is being do on the ticket issue.
Resolved Tickets: Tickets in the following status are considered resolved, and are not visible in the "My Assignments" and "Open Tickets" view list

  • Solved: The agent has proposed a solution to the ticket submitter. If the user or ticket creator responds to the ticket, the status will go back to "in progress". 
  • Closed: The ticket is closed and no more work on this ticket is required. The ticket creator cannot respond to the ticket anymore. 
Why should agents use the "solved" status instead of "closed"?

As best practice, it is recommended that agents always solve a ticket when providing a solution, as opposed to closing the ticket. We also recommend enabling an Automation that changes "solved" tickets to "closed" if the ticket has been in "solved" status for a couple of days.

By keeping the ticket in "solved" status first, it gives the ticket creator/user an opportunity to respond to the ticket. If the user is satisfied with the agent's response, the user can close the ticket. In case, the user does not take any action, the automation can update the ticket from solved to closed.

Learn more about ticket statuses and best practices by watching this video.

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