Why is my helpdesk suspended?

Your helpdesk may be suspended for these reasons:

  • Billing Issue
    • There has been a problem processing your credit card, or your account ran out of credit. You need to update the billing information to re-open the helpdesk. You could also contact Mojo Helpdesk staff for help.
  • Suspended by Mojo Helpdesk staff
    • Mojo Helpdesk has closed the account due to a breach of Mojo Helpdesk's Terms and Conditions. Contact Mojo Helpdesk support to get some help.
  • Closed by Owner
    • The helpdesk is closed by the helpdesk owner or admin. An owner or admin needs to re-open the account.
  • Trial Ended
    • The helpdesk is closed because the trial period has ended. To continue using Mojo, you need to purchase a plan. Or contact us and we can extend the trial for you.
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