How do I install Mojo Helpdesk in Google Apps?

Through the Mojo Helpdesk app on the Google Apps Marketplace, you can associate an existing helpdesk or create a new helpdesk.

Here is how to make the integration:

  1. ​Logged in as Admin in Google Apps, go to Apps > Marketplace Apps.
  2. Search for Mojo Helpdesk and click Domain Install. Click Continue.
  3. Follow the installation prompts and this will add the new version of Mojo to your Google Apps domain.
  4. Last, you will need to click on the Mojo Helpdesk icon from the Google Apps grid. In this step, it will ask you to associate your account with an existing helpdesk or to create a new one.


  • If your Google Apps domain also has domain aliases in place, Mojo will only recognize the primary domain when making the association; whether creating a new helpdesk or associating with an existing helpdesk. This means the admin or owner roles in Mojo will need to be registered with the Google Apps primary domain (not the domain alias). Also, any staff using the integration will need to be registered in Mojo with the primary domain.
  • To make the association with an existing helpdesk, you must be an admin in Google Apps and also an "admin" or "owner" in Mojo Helpdesk with the same email address as your Google Apps admin address.
  • When making the association with a new helpdesk, Mojo will create you as the helpdesk "owner" with your Google Apps email address.