My Google Apps integration isn't working, what should I do?

If you have followed all the steps to make the association and you get a message that reads, "failed to associate helpdesk" it could mean:

  1. You already have an integration made to your Google Apps account with a different Mojo Helpdesk account (maybe someone from your company already tested it before and didn't remove GApps from Mojo)

If you get a message that reads, "cannot find helpdesk" or "no helpdesk exists", it usually means:

  1. You are logged into your Google Apps admin dashboard with a different email address than one that is set up as admin in Mojo. In other words, it only knows how to find the helpdesk if you are an admin with your Google Apps email address. (who knows, you may have created a Mojo account with your personal email).

Missing the Mojo Helpdesk link in the 'more' drop down of Google Apps:

  1. It can take up to 12 hours for Mojo Helpdesk to appear in the drop down menu and sometimes the web browser needs to be refreshed in order for it to appear.
  2. Someone broke your integration (deleted Mojo from the dashboard)
  3. GApp settings don't allow 3rd party app integration --If neither is the case, it's a Google issue (call their support).