Automation with Mojo bots

What are Mojo bots?

Bots are a way to automate workflows. They are created by combining events, conditions, operators and actions. Bots can assign tickets based on certain conditions, send email reminders, add tags, time, message to tickets and more.

Components of a bot


Select an event to trigger the bot, for example: on new ticket created, on ticket updated, etc..


The bot can be based on 'all' conditions being true or 'any' condition being true. For example, sales questions need to be assign to a certain person.

  • ticket queue is sales


This is what the bot will do. E.g.: assign ticket to Bob.

Avoid creating bots loops

Once a bot makes a change to a ticket the ticket is run through the rest of the bots to check again. One bot will not execute on a ticket twice but a ticket can be affected by several bots. Be careful when setting up bots that you do not create a loop which would cause two bots to counteract each other.