Advanced security, whitelist and blacklist

Whitelists and blacklists can filter user access by domain name, IP address and email for login, registration and ticket creation via email and web.


Warning: When used, only users in the whitelist will be able to create tickets, login or create user accounts. If not used, everybody has access and only users in the blacklist will be blocked.

Admins can choose which domains, IP address ranges are allowed to submit tickets or register a user account. Any domain or IP addresses not listed in the Whitelist will not be able to access the helpdesk. This makes it easier so admins do not have to add individual users before they can create tickets.


To block users from creating tickets or logging in to the helpdesk, domains, IP address ranges and emails can be added to the Blacklist. For example, if only business accounts are allowed to access the helpdesk you could add domains such as '', '' and '' to the Blacklist. Users with these email domains would then not be able to submit tickets, register or login to the helpdesk.

Watch the video tutorial: