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Privacy, terms and conditions and settings to keep the bad guys out

Event log

Mojo Helpdesk records most user actions in an event log. Events are kept for a certain period of time. Event log retention policy varies based on the help desk plan.

I am unable to log-in to my organization's helpdesk

Mojo supports multiple log-in options for the helpdesk. - Mojo authentication method - Login with Google - Login with Azure AD - Enterprise SSO using JWT or SAML Mojo Authentication Method If your helpdesk admin enabled the Mojo authentication method, you can request a new password by clicking o...

Advanced security, whitelist and blacklist

Whitelists and blacklists can filter user access by domain name, IP address and email for login, registration and ticket creation via email and web. Whitelisting Warning: When used, only users in the whitelist will be able to create tickets, login or create user accounts. If not used, everybody h...

How do I restrict user access to certain queues?

As a default, users can open tickets for any queue. You can also limit ticket creators (users) to submit tickets only for certain queues. To do this, you will have to put that user in a group, and then limit the group's access only to the desired queue.Note, by default, users are not placed in a ...


Mojo Helpdesk is HIPAA and GDPR compliant and is a registered company in the EU-US Privacy Shield. We are willing to enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA compliant customers and also post the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) on our website for EU customers.  HIPAA complianc...

Ticket and user creation quota

In effort to limit the spam and potential scams, trial and new help desks have limits on the number of users and tickets that can be created. These limitations are removed over time.If you need this limitation to be lifted immediately, please open a ticket, and our staff will review your account.

SSL certificate failed

SSL certificates are issued automatically using Let's Encrypt.Sometime (mostly due to DNS records misconfiguration) it is possible a failure to occur in certificate issuance.If you get a warning message about failed certificate, please open a ticket at, and we will w...