How do I search by custom fields?

While you are not able to add custom fields to the built-in reports in Mojo, you are able to search for tickets by custom field using a string. This search can be used in the search field, the advanced search 'search for' field (to combine with other filters), and the export filters 'search for' input field.
To search by custom field use the search query below but replace the text inside the parenthesis to your custom field system name (use underscores for spaces) and custom field value (do not use underscores for spaces). Be sure to use all lower case letters even if your values have capital letters. Use the exact string below and replace the text in the parenthesis. 
custom.field:("system_field_name:custom field value") 
 Searching by two fields: 
custom.field:("system_field_name:custom field value") AND custom.field:("system_field_name:custom field value") 
Where can I find my custom field's system name?
Go to Admin Settings > Ticket Forms. Click on the form that has the custom field you want. Take a look at your fields in the table below. The system name will be listed below the filed name.
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