How do I add a Mojo form to my website?

Adding a Mojo ticket form to your website is possible using the 'Embedded Form' widget. Simply copy/paste the code onto a webpage so users do not have to leave your website or app to submit a request for support or service. You can find the javascript code by going to `Admin Settings> Ticket Forms`. Select the form you want to add and then use the code generator to format and style the form. Developers and webmasters can use CSS to style the form to make it match the company's branding and look. Use the `Preview` button to view the form before copying/pasting the code on your site's page. You are able to generate this code for any form you want to add to your website. So, if on one page you want a basic 'contact us' form and on another page a 'technical support' form, you can use the code generator for each one.  
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