How to send the Rating Email only for certain queues?

This post will show you how to send the rating request email for tickets in specific queues only. For this to work you would need tickets to be queued correctly so the rating email will be sent to the desired user base. 1. Set up queues for tickets. For example, customer support, technical support, sales, marketing. 2. In Admin > Helpdesk Configuration, turn 'send email rating reminder' to OFF. 3. n Admin> Automations, create a new automation: 4. Filter by: Queue = (select queues: customer support, technical support) and Status = Solved 5. Choose the Automation Actions: Send Email = add 'ticket submitter' variable as the recipient 6. Create the email by writing the subject and body of the email. In the body of the email, add the variable which will place the URL for the rating screen into the email. "{{ticket.rate_url}}" 7. Choose the condition to run once per ticket (or have it sent to the customer every hour until they respond-not recommended) 8. Save automation ![automation]( Now you will have an automated email sent to the ticket submitter when a ticket has been solved in the selected queues. When the user rates the ticket, it will automatically close the ticket at the same time.
Published on: 2016-06-09