SMS / text notifications for ticket updates

Mojo Helpdesk emails created by triggers can be sent to a mobile phone as SMS / text messages.

Most U.S. carriers allow their subscribers to receive emails as text messages using their phone number. Simply substitute phonenumber below with a real mobile phone number and the email will arrive as a text message.

Example: if your phone number is 512-555-6789 and your provider ATT then you can email your phone (from Gmail, Outlook, Mojo, etc...) using this email address: and you will receive the email as SMS / text message.

Make sure you try it yourself (using Gmail or Outlook, etc..) before setting up a trigger like this. Keep in mind that the email/phone number will need to be a registered user of the helpdesk in order to receive notifications from the helpdesk. You can create a user profile specific with the phone number as the email (ex. )