Users can't see a ticket form?

Sometimes, when going to create a ticket, users will not be able to see a ticket form in the ticket forms drop down selection; or a ticket form will not be available to be embedded in a website. The reason for that (in most cases) is that the non-logged in users don't have access to the ticket queue set for that form. Here is what needs to be checked:

  • check if the ticket form have the ticket queue field visible and editable by end user
  • if it is not visible and editable, then check the default value for the ticket queue
  • if there is no default value, then the form is treated as unusable by non-logged in users (since the access cannot be determined) and will not be included in the ticket form selections
  • if there is a default queue set for the form, check if the non logged in users can access it - go to Admin Settings -> Queues Access Rights, and check the special "Non-Logged In Users" group to which queues has access

To fix the issue, either add access to the default ticket queue for the "Non-Logged In Users" group, or make the ticket queue visible and editable by the end users.