Can I add conditional logic to a ticket form field?

Admins of the helpdesk can add conditional logic or rules to the fields in the ticket form. For example, we have the question, “Are you married?”. If the user answers “yes”, we can show a set of questions. If the user answers “no”, then we show another set. 

This can be done in Admin Settings > Ticket Forms. 
  1. Open the ticket form you want to add conditional fields to.
  2. Click on the "Form Field Rules" tab.
  3. Click on "hide fields by default". Choose the fields that you would like to add dependencies to.
  4. Click on "+" to add a rule. Admins will be able to specify a condition and a result (the fields to show/hide if the condition is met)

Watch this video to see a simple an example of a form with conditional logic.
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