Can I set up auto-assignment?

Managers of the help desk can set up automatic assignment of tickets using triggers. Triggers are a way to automate workflows based on certain conditions, "Whenever a ticket is created, updated or deleted, and the ticket meets certain conditions, then execute an action". In this case, that is auto-assignment. There are three options for auto-assignment in the trigger actions:
  1. Assign to an (one) agent: "Assign ticket to"
  2. "Assign agent with round robin method to team"
  3. "Assign agent with load-balancing method to team"

The 1st option entails just setting up a trigger. More information on the mechanics of a triggers can be found here

Option 2 and 3 involves the creation of Agent Teams and then Triggers.

How do I set up automatic assignment using a round robin or load-balanced method?

Create Agent Teams. 
  1. Go to Admin Settings > Teams. 
  2. Click on the red +new team button on the upper right. 
  3. Define the team name and click on add agent. 
  4. Add the desired agents. 
Set up the trigger. 
  1. Go to Admin Settings > Triggers.
  2. Click on the red +new trigger button on the upper right.
  3. Event: Select an event to trigger the trigger. For auto-assignment, when a ticket is created would be an appropriate choice.
  4. Conditions: Define the conditions. This could be a queue, form, or a ticket type.
  5. Action: Select the action "Assign agent with round robin method to team" or "Assign agent with load-balancing method to team".
  6. Choose the appropriate team.

Note that when an agent is marked as "on vacation", they will be skipped in the auto-assignment.
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