Setting up auto-assignment

Managers of the help desk can set up automatic assignment of tickets using bots. Bots are a way to automate workflows based on certain conditions, "Whenever a ticket is created, updated or deleted, and the ticket meets certain conditions, then execute an action". In this case, that is auto-assignment. There are three options for auto-assignment in the trigger actions:

  1. Assign to an (one) agent: "Assign ticket to"
  2. "Assign agent with round robin method to team"
  3. “Assign agent with load-balancing method to team”

Option 2 and 3 involves the creation of Agent Teams and then bots.

How do I set up automatic assignment using a round robin or load-balanced method?

Create a teams for agents

  1. Go to Users > Staff Teams. 
  2. Create a new team
  3. Add agents. 

Set up the bot:

  1. Go to Admin Settings > business rules > bots
  2. Create a new bot
  3. Event
    • Select an event to trigger the trigger. For auto-assignment, when a ticket is created would be an appropriate choice.
  4. Conditions
    • Define the conditions. This could be a queue, form, or a ticket type.
  5. Action
    • Select the action "Assign agent with round robin method to team" or "Assign agent with load-balancing method to team".
  6. Choose the appropriate team.

Note that when an agent is marked as "on vacation", they will be excluded from auto-assignment.