Who can access Asset Management? Can I limit permissions by location?

Asset Management is an add-on to the ticketing system.

All agents have read access to assets, and can create tickets for assets. In terms of managing assets (create, update, delete), only those with a Manager role or above (Admin and Owner) can manage assets. Learn more about the different user roles here. 

Asset Permissions by Location

Admins of the helpdesk can limit a Manager's access to specific locations. If implemented, Managers will be able to access (create, update, delete) assets only in the locations they have been allowed access to.

Following are the steps to set-up asset permissions for Managers.

  1. As an Admin, from the agent portal go to the Asset Management add-on by clicking on the puzzle icon on the upper right corner. Click on Asset Management.
  2. Click on Permissions on the left-hand column.
  3. This will bring you to the asset permissions screen. This will list all the agents with a Manager role. Click on the pencil icon to change a Manager's access. Note if you are not able to find an agent on this screen, that that means they do not have a Manager role. In this case, you must go to their profile and change their user role.