What are the types of user roles?

There are five types of user roles in Mojo Helpdesk: users, restricted agents, agents, managers and admins/owner. --------- **Users** A user is anyone that submits tickets to your helpdesk. When a person with the 'user' role logs in, they only see tickets they submit in the support portal. Users cannot view the internal helpdesk side, and have a limited view on the information they see on the ticket. Permissions for users include: - Group Access: A user will be able to see all tickets submitted by their group - Group Access Comment Only: A user will be able to see all tickets submitted by their group, but will not be able to close tickets, only open and comment on tickets. - Ability to create tickets or not: Permission to allow a user the ability to create new tickets. By default all users have this permission, but if not set, the user will only be able to see tickets previously submitted to the helpdesk. --------------------- **Restricted Agent** A restricted agent is only able to view and access tickets in queues that have been selected for them by a manager. Please note this permission level is only available in the Mojo Enterprise plan and above. Permissions for Restricted Agent - Ability to create tickets or not --------------------- **Agents** An agent can answer tickets, create tickets on behalf of customers, manage ticket queues and review mojo numbers. Agents can see all tickets that are created in the helpdesk . Permission for Agents - Ability to create tickets or not --------------------- **Managers** Same as technicians and can manage user and company information, update user roles and access user profiles. Managers can also import and export data. --------------------- **Admins** Admins are set up by the helpdesk owner and have the same access rights and permissions as the owner. --------------------- **Owner** The owner is the person who is in charge of the overall management of the helpdesk (usually the person that created the helpdesk). There is only one owner for the whole helpdesk. An owner can do everything in the helpdesk including upgrade or downgrade the helpdesk plan.  
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