Getting an Open ID 2.0 error when logging in via Google Apps?

Open ID 2.0 is no longer supported by Google. Mojo Helpdesk's updated version is available in the Marketplace so if you have an older installation and are receiving an error when logging in, you will simply need to integrate with the latest release.

To do this, you will need to remove the old version of Mojo Helpdesk and reinstall the new version that is available in the marketplace. Here are the exact steps:

​1.In Mojo Helpdesk go to Manage> All Settings > Configure Mojo Helpdesk > Click 'remove' next to Google Hosted Domain ​2.In Google Apps, logged in as admin, go to 'Apps' > 'Marketplace Apps' > Click on Mojo > Delete (remove app) ​3. ​Still in Google Apps, in 'Marketplace Apps' click the + button to find apps, search for Mojo Helpdesk and click 'Install' ​4.Follow the installation prompts and this will add the new version of Mojo to your Google Apps domain ​5.Last, you will need to click on the Mojo Helpdesk icon from the Google Apps grid to associate your account and finalize the installation.

Once you follow these steps, the Mojo Helpdesk integration and Single Sign On with Google Apps will be fully restored.

If you have trouble or need assistance please open a ticket by clicking the blue '+ new ticket' button at the top.