Email-to-ticket creation is not working

If you followed the steps here to set up [email to ticket creation]( but are still having issues, most likely your current settings are preventing the email from coming through. Here are a couple of things you can do to troubleshoot: ####Are you allowing unregistered users to create tickets? Take a look at your setting in `Admin Settings > Helpdesk Configuration`, do you have "Allow unregistered users to submit tickets" turned ON? If you are looking for the confirmation email from your email client, keep in mind that this will come from an address that Mojo will not recognize so you must allow unregistered users to submit tickets in your helpdesk. ####Are you limiting queue access based on groups? Check `Admin Settings > Queue Access Rights`. Make sure the `Individuals` group, and the group for `non-logged in users` have access to ALL queues. ####Are you requiring ticket creators to confirm tickets first? Head over to `Admin Settings > Helpdesk Configuration > Tickets Pending Confirmation`, is this setting turned ON? If yes, your email may be waiting for confirmation. Go to `Admin Settings > Pending Confirmation`, here you'll see a list of tickets waiting to be confirmed. If you're looking for the forwarding email, it may be stuck in here. Should you continue to have issues, please open a ticket with us. We're happy to help.
Published on: 2020-03-09
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