Email channel configuration

When the email channel is enabled, users can create and answer tickets via email.

Out of the box, Mojo helpdesk account can use the built-in email capability.

Goto to admin > channels > email to enter an email address for each queue as needed.

Email addresses will be in the form of <queue_name>@<helpdesk_name> Example:

Using your company email address

If you wish to use your company email address, e.g.: follow these steps:

Keep in mind that you will also need to set up email forwarding within your email client. WARNING: if the forward email address is also some user's email address, that user will not receive any emails from Mojo (to avoid loops, if indeed the address forwards back to Mojo).

Step 1: Create a forwarding rule

The email address for the help desk typically follows the following format The goal is that anything sent to to be forwarded to The configuration of your email client is specific to his maker. Typically, in Google Workspace / Gmail, it is done with a forwarding filter. For Microsoft, it is done with a forwarding rule. If you are on O365, check out this article on how to set up email forwarding.

Step 2: Some email clients may require confirmation

To complete the configuration, some email clients such as Google will send a confirmation email. This will arrive to the help desk as a ticket. Before sending the confirmation email, make sure you allow unregistered users to submit tickets in your help desk. 

Take a look at your "Open Tickets" to see if the confirmation email came in. Follow the steps with your email client to confirm email forwarding. If desired, you can revert back the setting for unregistered users.
Another note, if your support address is a group email/alias or distribution list, you can add the Mojo queue email address as a member of the group email list. However, if you do this it is recommended to have the queue email address be the sole member of the group or mailing list, and to remove all other agents. If Mojo Helpdesk agents are still part of the distribution list, then they could receive duplicate notifications. As best practice, we recommend that the help desk assumes responsibility of notifier for all team members.

Having problems with email to ticket creation?

Didn't receive the confirmation email sent by your email client? Here are the steps to troubleshoot.

Using O365? Check out this article on O365 set-up.