How to set up email to ticket creation?

Note: The 'email to ticket' feature is only available on the Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited plans. The Mini Me plan does not support email to ticket. To allow tickets to be created by an email address, go to `Admin Settings> Queues and Emails`. Here you can set up email addresses for each queue or just use one incoming queue. This email address can be used immediately to receive tickets. &&&& Using an existing company e-mail address You can use your own support email address by simply creating a forwarding rule in your email that sends the requests to the incoming Mojo queue email address. In GSuite, it is done with a forwarding filter. For Microsoft it is done with a forwarding rule. If your support address is a group email/alias or distribution list, you can add the Mojo queue address as a member of the group email list. However, if you do this it is recommended to have only the queue email address as a member of the group or mailing list, and to remove all other agents. If Mojo Helpdesk agents are still part of the distribution list, then they could receive duplicate notifications. We recommend that the helpdesk assume responsibility of notifier for all team members.
Published on: 2013-09-12
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