(Office 365) Email forwarding is not working

Office 365 has recently made some changes to their system, in which they are no longer allowing users to forward to external emails. If you are on O365 and you are using a company email address (helpdesk@yourdomain.com), instead of the Mojo queue email address, then you'll need to take the following steps.

  1. Add the Mojo queue email address to contacts in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre.
    • Admins can find the Mojo queue email address in Mojo Helpdesk > Click on the Settings Cog > Admin Settings > Queues & Emails > Click on the queue. The queue email address will be on the 2nd field in the pop-up.
  2. Create a rule in 'mail flow" in Microsoft Exchange with details as pictured in the screenshot below. 

*Note that just adding the queue email address to contacts and enabling forwarding won't work. You'll need to turn off forwarding for that email and create the rule as mentioned in item#2.

Not using O365 but having issues?

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