User Roles

User role hierarchy

Let's start with a definition of the word user:

User: a person using the help desk. A user could be a contact, ticket requester, a customer or an help desk agent.


A contact is a user that creates tickets. They typically are your customers, employees, team members. Contacts can only view the help center and their own tickets. Furthermore, a contacts with group access can view tickets submitted by others in their group.


An agent is help desk staff and can view and answer all tickets.

Restricted agent

A restricted agent can work on tickets in specified queues only. Restricted Agents cannot access settings or reports.


Managers can manage people, tickets, and business rules. They can do everything an agent can do and also have access to certain settings and report.


Admins can do what managers can do and also change all settings of the help desk including updating the account owner's information or change plans or close the help desk.


The help desk Owner is typically the person that created the Mojo Helpdesk account. This role has all the privileges. They can create admins users as well. There is only one owner for a given help desk.