How do I import knowledge base articles?

If you are migrating from another help desk, then you may have existing tickets, users, assets, and articles you may want to move.

The recommended order of importing is as follows. Click on each of the items for more information on how to best import.

  1. Users
  2. Assets
  3. Tickets
  4. Knowledge Base Articles (below)

Importing Knowledge Base Articles 

When having to deal with a large amount of articles, the ability to import them is a real time-saver. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using the import functionality:

  1. The CSV import expects the exact amount of fields in the exact sequence described (title, description, keywords, is featured, status, staff only, topic list).
  2. Fields "is featured", and "staff only" are boolean (true or false).
  3. Field "topic list" is a comma separated list of topic names.
  4. Though the import function will create topics (if they don't exist already), it currently only supports 1 level of topic, so take this into account when defining your article organization. Once imported, you can easily reorder topics and create sub-topics by dragging and dropping.