How do I import users?

In Mojo Helpdesk you are able to quickly import users from a CSV file. - You can import up to 3000 users at a time. - File must be saved in CSV (comma separated values) format to import. Make sure your CSV file is encoded with UTF-8, to avoid any encoding errors. - Only this user information will import: - First Name - Middle Name - Last Name - Email - Password - Company - Work Phone - Cell Phone - Home Phone - Notes - When importing users, login information (the welcome email) will NOT be sent to the new users unless you check the option to "notify new users". **Tips on Setting up the CSV file and matching fields:** -------------------------------------------------------- - Match the CSV file fields to the correlating fields in Mojo Helpdesk. - Email field is mandatory. You must have an email address entered for the user to import. - The password entered should be at least 6 characters long, or left blank. - If the password field is left blank, the system will generate a random password for the new user on import. - If there is a company to be matched but no company is entered in that field, then a new company will be created for the user. - If there is no company to be matched, all new users will be placed in the ‘Individuals’ group on import. [WATCH VIDEO FOR CSV FILE SET UP][1] [1]:
Published on: 2013-09-13
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