What is best practice for creating a new asset

Creating a new Asset is easily done from the Asset Management screen by clicking the "+ NEW ASSET" button. Before creating a new asset, it is recommended to have asset types, locations and departme... more

How to search assets?

Mojo Helpdesk asset management search is powered by a very powerful search engine. To search an asset by its name or asset tag or any field just type the information about this asset. Example Type... more

How do I add asset management?

Enabling the asset management functionality for your helpdesk can only be done by an administrator. If you are an administrator, go to the the admin settings and, select the add-ons sub menu: this... more

How to best import assets

When having to deal with a large amount of assets, the ability to import them is a real time-saver. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using the import functionality: 1. the current CSV imp... more