How do I use my existing email address?

The email addresses in Mojo Helpdesk will always be ``. If you want to use an existing email address you own, you can simply create a forwarding rule in your email client that forwards everything from your existing address to your Mojo Helpdesk queue address: For example `` filters to `` To complete the request, some email clients such as Google will send a confirmation over as a helpdesk ticket. This email comes from an address that Mojo will not recognize so you must first be sure you allow unregistered users to submit tickets in your helpdesk before creating the rule to ensure the email is accepted by Mojo. To allow unregistered users to submit tickets, go to Admin Settings > Helpdesk Configuration > Allow unregistered users to submit tickets = ON. After you accept the confirmation of the forwarding rule, you can go back and turn this setting OFF.
Published on: 2013-09-12
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