What's the difference between a system field and a custom field?

**System Fields** System fields are fields generated by Mojo Helpdesk. The system fields are 'title, description, queue, priority, type, scheduled date and due date. Type, scheduled date and due date fields must be enabled in Admin Settings > Ticket Forms before they will appear on your ticket form. The name of the system field is able to be edited by a manager or admin. For example, you can change 'title' to 'subject' or 'queue' to 'category'. System fields show up in reports and are searchable using the 'advanced search' filters. When you change the name of a system field it will not display the changed name but the original system name. **Custom Fields** Custom fields are those created by the account managers or admins. There are several types of custom fields such as drop down, multiple text, single text, numeric, and check box. Custom fields do not show up as reporting criteria. Custom fields are able to be searched by the custom field value. For example, if you have a custom field called 'Location' and the options are Boston, Houston, and Chicago, your can search "Boston" to find all the tickets with this value in the custom field.  
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