How do I set up a Restricted Agent?

If you work with a contractor, or if you would like to limit an agent's ability to see/edit tickets to only tickets in their assigned queue, then you can set them up as a Restricted Agent. Please note this feature is only available in the Enterprise or Unlimited plan. You can set up a Restricted Agent in `Admin Settings> Agents`. Click on `+ new user' to create a **new** agent. Choose Restricted Agent as Role. To edit an **existing** agent's permissions, click on the agent you'd like to update. Click on the pencil icon on the upper right corner of the pop-up to edit. Update role to Restricted Agent. Once an agent is set as a Restricted Agent, you can then choose which queues the RA will be able to access by going to `Admin Settings> Restricted Agents Rights`. Once the queues are set this agent will only be able to view/edit tickets in their specified queues.  
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