How do I delete a ticket?

You can delete a ticket by using the 'delete' button on the top of any ticket list. The trashcan icon appears when the tickets are selected in the list. To select the tickets, just click on the user's profile initials, this turns into a select check box. Again, select the tickets and the icon to delete will appear at the top of the list. Agents, Managers and Admins are able to delete tickets. You can turn off the ability for Agents to delete tickets by going to Admin Settings > Helpdesk Configuration > Miscellaneous Settings. Restricted Agents are not able to delete tickets by default. **Finding deleted tickets** The event log is a history of all actions taken on a ticket. You can access the event log by going to Manage> Event Log. Here you can search by 'object' = ticket and 'action' = delete to find any deleted tickets. The log will show you a snippet of the ticket and let you know which agent deleted it and when.  
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