Time Spent Tracking and Report

Agents can record the time spent on tickets while adding a message. This functionality is exclusively available in the Enterprise plans.

1. Open the ticket you're working on.
2. Select 'reply' to add a message.
3. Click on the clock icon at the top right of the text box to access the timer.
4. The clock will appear near the message area, you can move or drag it to your preferred location.
5. Choose to enable the auto-start feature if you want the timer to open automatically each time you reply to a ticket, adding time automatically.
6. Alternatively, manually input the time in minutes if needed.

How do I correct the time spent on a ticket?

If, for any reason, you couldn't close the ticket on time, such as working in the field or being on a break, simply add a comment and input a negative value (e.g., -60). This will be subtracted from the total time. In the comment, provide the reason for the time correction. This will show the time spent with a negative value.

Time Tracking Report

Keeping track of time is a helpful way to ensure that tickets are being attended to in a timely manner. If you need to generate a report for time tracking, you can access it by navigating to:

Admin settings > Account > Event Log > Time Spent

Select the date range > Run Report > Click on the 3 dots >Download the CSV to export the report.

Please click the video to learn more: