What kind of reporting does Mojo have?

Below is a list of all the reports in Mojo Helpdesk. Admins and Managers will have access to the reports below.

Dashboard: The dashboard allows manager to see the number of open tickets, the number of closed tickets, the number of users waiting for a response, and the number of answers by agents for a specified date range. In this report, managers are also able to see the average solve time, average first response time and average assignment time.

Views: Mojo Helpdesk allows you to create your own ticket lists filtered by criteria you specify. Ticket lists can filtered by status and queue and sorted by a number of criteria such as date created, date updated, due date, etc. 

Aging Summary: This table shows the number of open tickets by age range, sliced into different categories.

Mojo Number (Leaderboard): The Mojo Helpdesk Leaderboard displays the Mojo scores (customer rating) by rank for each agent, queue and group. The Leaderboard's graph displays the Mojo scores for a specified period of time.

Advanced Search: Allows searching by specific criteria such as priority, status, submitted by, etc. and allows the creation of custom ticket list.

SLA Compliance: Self-defined reports based on assigning/resolving tickets and customer satisfaction ratings.

Time Spent: Various reports on time manually tracked on tickets. 
Can I create my own custom report?
Mojo Helpdesk has an API so you can query your helpdesk by creating a simple Perl, PHP, Java, C sharp or Ruby script. This will give you the exact report you need.

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