Merging Tickets

Merging tickets allows to group one or more tickets into one.

NOTE: Merged tickets are automatically closed and cannot be reopened. However, they can still be viewed.

Merging tickets can be a helpful practice in a ticketing system for various reasons. Here are some common scenarios where merging tickets is beneficial:

1. Duplicate Issues: If users submit multiple tickets for the same problem, merging helps consolidate information and prevent redundancy.

2. Related Incidents: When two or more tickets are closely related or part of a larger issue, merging ensures that all relevant details are centralized for more efficient resolution.

3. Streamlining Communication: Merging tickets can help streamline communication between support agents and users, providing a unified platform to address concerns, for example: known issues.

4. Avoiding Fragmentation: If different aspects of a single problem are reported in separate tickets, merging helps prevent fragmentation and ensures a holistic understanding of the issue.

5. Efficiency in Resolution: Combining tickets with similar or interconnected problems allows support teams to address issues more efficiently, saving time and resources.

6. Consistent Updates: Merging tickets ensures that users receive consistent updates on the progress of their reported issues, avoiding confusion caused by multiple independent responses.

7. Enhanced Reporting: Merged tickets contribute to more accurate reporting and analytics by consolidating data related to similar problems, enabling better insights into recurring issues.

Before merging tickets, it's essential to confirm that they are indeed related or duplicates. Always communicate with users about the merging process to keep them informed and provide a transparent support experience. 

IMPORTANT: Merging tickets cannot be undone. 

How to Merge Tickets

1. Navigate to the primary ticket and copy its ticket number from the title.

2. Access the additional ticket you want to merge and locate the three dots next to the title. Click on "Merge."

3. In the merge window, input the ticket number of the main ticket that you wish to keep. The second ticket will then be merged into the main ticket.

Note: Make sure to enter the ticket number you want to retain in the pop-up box for a smooth merging process.


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