How can I change the emails that are sent from Mojo?

You are able to change the emails that are automatically sent by Mojo by going to Admin> Email Templates. Here you can remove the default text and add your own. Use the variables from the list to ... more

How do I use my existing email address?

The email addresses in Mojo Helpdesk will always be If you want to use an existing email address you own, you can simply create a forwarding rule in your email client that... more

How to set up email to ticket creation?

Note: The 'email to ticket' feature is only available on the Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited plans. The Mini Me plan does not support email to ticket. To allow tickets to be created by an e... more

How do I create ticket queues?

Queues are categories for your tickets and you are able to automate, report and route by the queue. To create ticket queues: Admin> All Settings > Queues and Email Addresses > New Queue Here you... more

What are the ways tickets can be created?

There are 4 ways tickets can be created in your helpdesk. Ticket forms in the Help Center (support portal UI) Email Form Widget API

What types of emails are sent from Mojo Helpdesk?

Mojo Helpdesk sends email notifications automatically based on certain conditions. The wording of the emails can be changed in the email settings page. New User Welcome Email
This email wh... more

How do I schedule an recurring export?

To schedule an automated export go to Manage > All Settings > Export (or just Manage>Export). In version 2 of Mojo (the latest version) find Export Data in Helpdesk Settings. Here you can click o... more

Attaching files to tickets

You are able to attach files to tickets. File attachments will be sent through the helpdesk and attached to tickets automatically from email. When attaching a file from the helpdesk you will need ... more

My Google SSO isn't working.

If you try to login using your Google email address and it is not allowing you access, then your domain is not configured to use OpenID. This is a Google setting that first must be changed before ... more

How do I get Mojo Helpdesk in Google Apps?

Whether you want to associate an existing helpdesk or you want to create a new helpdesk and associate it with your Google Apps domain, you can do that by finding Mojo Helpdesk in the Google Apps Ma... more

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