How to set up email to ticket creation?

Note: The 'email to ticket' feature is only available on the Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited plans. The Mini Me plan does not support email to ticket. To allow tickets to be created by an e... more

How to send the Rating Email only for certain queues?

This post will show you how to send the rating request email for tickets in specific queues only. For this to work you would need tickets to be queued correctly so the rating email will be sent to... more

I am not getting email notifications.

It's possible you may not be receiving emails from Mojo Helpdesk due to these reasons: New Ticket Notification: 1. You have been excluded from receiving tickets for your queue based on the new ti... more

How do I use my existing email address?

The email addresses in Mojo Helpdesk will always be If you want to use an existing email address you own, you can simply create a forwarding rule in your email client that... more

How can I change the emails that are sent from Mojo?

You are able to change the emails that are automatically sent by Mojo by going to Admin> Email Templates. Here you can remove the default text and add your own. Use the variables from the list to ... more

Can I prevent emails being sent from Mojo automatically?

You are able to prevent Mojo from sending several emails to users and staff. Here is a description of the emails and how to stop them from being sent. Welcome Email The welcome email is sent to n... more

Not receiving emails?

In some cases emails may be rejected by an email server or be classified as spam. For these cases, it will help to whitelist Mojo Helpdesk's email server IP and domain names: IP: Ho... more

How do I disable ticket rating emails after a ticket is closed?

Question: My users receive email reminders to rate & close their tickets after they are solved. How do I turn these email notifications off? Answer: These email notifications are set as default Aut... more

Can't login?

Forgot your password In case you don't know your password (or forgot it), you can use the "Forgot?" link located in the password field on the login form. It will lead you to a form where you need t... more

What types of emails are sent from Mojo Helpdesk?

Mojo Helpdesk sends email notifications automatically based on certain conditions. The wording of the emails can be changed in the email settings page. New User Welcome Email
This email wh... more

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