Email-to-ticket creation is not working
If you followed the steps here to set up email to ticket creation ( but are still having issues, most likely your current settings are preventing t... more
Can I send an email to users of the helpdesk? Or to a certain group?
You are able to send an email to all users of the helpdesk, or to a specific groups of users. To do that go to Admin Settings > Email Users. Here you can click on +new mailing, and choose if you wa... more
How do I send the Rating Email only for certain queues?
This post will show you how to send the rating request email for tickets in specific queues only. For this to work you would need tickets to be queued correctly so the rating email will be sent to ... more
Can admins customize the notifications sent by the helpdesk?
Yes, admins can control the message sent to agents and contacts. This can be done in Admin Settings > Email Templates. A video help walkthrough is also available on that page. There are two parts ... more
Can I create tickets from email? How do I set up email to ticket creation?
Note: The email to ticket feature is only available for the Mojo Professional plan and above.  Enable email to ticket creation Users or ticket creators can send an email to the helpdesk to create a... more
(Office 365) Email forwarding is not working
Office 365 has recently made some changes to their system, in which they are no longer allowing users to forward to external emails. If you are on O365 and you are using a company email address (he... more
How do I turn off the ticket rating feature?
When a ticket is closed, Mojo Helpdesk sends an email to users (ticket creators) asking for a customer satisfaction rating. If this is not a feature you want to use, you can turn this off by follow... more
I am not getting email notifications.
Missing a notification from Mojo Helpdesk? Here are some message types, and possible reasons and solutions to the problem.   New Ticket Notification: You have been excluded from receiving tickets f... more
Can I specify the form to use for tickets that are created by email?
Yes, you can specify the ticket form to use for any tickets created by email. To set ONE form as the default form, you can do so in for Admin Settings -> Ticket Forms and then look for the Default ... more
How do I prevent the system from sending some emails?
You are able to prevent Mojo from sending several emails to users and staff. Here is a description of the emails and how to stop them from being sent. New User Welcome Email - This email contains... more
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