Can admins customize the notifications sent by the helpdesk?

Yes, admins can control the message sent to agents and contacts. This can be done in Admin Settings > Email Templates. A video help walkthrough is also available on that page.

There are two parts to this page. The top page enables admins to customize the layout of the notifications using HTML. the company's logo can be added here.
The second part of the page allows admins to customize the content of the messages. HTML is also supported. Dynamic information can also be inserted into the email notifications by adding variables. For example, adding "{{}}" in the body of the message will add the ticket number in the email.

Following are the system messages admins can customize in the helpdesk.

Emails to Submitter
  • Message Added
  • New Ticket Confirmation
  • Ticket Closed Message
  • Rate Reminder
Emails to Staff
  • Message Added
  • New Ticket Created
  • Ticket Has Been Assigned
  • Ticket Has Been Re-Assigned
  • Staff Note Added
Emails to Everybody
  • New User Welcome Email
  • Forgot Password

More information on the types of notifications sent to agents and contacts can be found here.

Want to sign up for notifications on a specific ticket? You can add a ticket to your watchlist to receive updates on a ticket.
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