How do I prevent the system from sending some emails?

You are able to prevent Mojo from sending several emails to users and staff. Here is a description of the emails and how to stop them from being sent.

New User Welcome Email

  • This email contains Mojo's system login credentials and is sent when any new user is created in the helpdesk. You can turn off this welcome email in Admin Settings -> Help desk -> Settings scroll down to Email Settings, and toggle "User welcome email" OFF.

New Ticket Notification for Ticket Submitter

  • This email is sent to the ticket submitter to confirm that their ticket was received. You can also turn this off for ticket submitters in Admin Settings -> Business rules-> Mojo bots and disabling the bot titled: “Email to Requester - New Ticket Confirmation”

New Ticket Notification for Agents

  • Another version of the new ticket notification is sent to helpdesk staff members to alert them of a new ticket. You can customize for which queues you'd like each agent to receive a notification for. Alternatively, an Agent can choose NOT to be notified for any tickets. You can do that in  Notification Center-> manage subscriptions

Assigned To Notification

  • This email is sent to an agent whenever a ticket has been assigned them. This notification is sent only to the agent/ticket assignee, not the ticket submitter nor other staff. There is not a way to prevent this email from being sent.

Re-Assigned Notification

  • This email is sent to the new ticket assignee and the previous assignee (both agents). The ticket submitter is not notified of this change. There is not a way to prevent this email from being sent.

Comment Added

  • This email is sent to the the ticket submitter or assignee when a comment has been added to the ticket. An agent will receive a notification when the submitter/user adds a comment. At this time, there is not a way to prevent this email. On the other hand, the submitter/user receives an email when the agent updates the ticket. Agents can uncheck the send email notification to user box so the user is not notified of the update. However, in this case, if the user logs-in the the Mojo user portal, they will still see the update.

Comment (Staff Note) Added

  • This email is sent only to agents. The ticket assignee will be notified of any comments added by other staff.

Forgot Password

  • This email is sent to any user that clicks on the 'forgot my password' link from Mojo's login page.

Ticket Rating Email

  • This email is sent 24 hours after a ticket has been marked 'closed'. The email can be disabled by going to Admin Settings -> Business rules -> Mojo bots, select the bot titled: “Email to Requester - Rate Reminder and make it ”Inactive". You can also stop ratings all together by choosing Allow Ratings = OFF in  Admin Settings -> Tickets → Settings and in the “Miscellaneous” section toggle “Allow rating” to OFF.

Other Emails

  • Other emails may be sent by a Trigger or an Automation. To disable automated responses, go to Admin Settings > Business rules → Mojo bots.

Want to change the content of the emails? Head over to our KB article on customizing your helpdesk notifications.