Can I prevent emails being sent from Mojo automatically?

You are able to prevent Mojo from sending several emails to users and staff. Here is a description of the emails and how to stop them from being sent. **Welcome Email** The welcome email is sent to new users and staff when they are registered in the helpdesk. To prevent this email from being sent: Manage> All Settings> Configure Mojo Helpdesk> Change > Miscellaneous Settings> Send New User Welcome Email? = un-check. **New Ticket Notification** The new ticket notification is sent to users to confirm their ticket was received or to the staff when a new ticket arrives in the helpdesk. To disable for staff (techs, managers, admins, owner): Admin Settings > New Ticket Notifications. Here you find the list of staff names. Click 'change' next to the staff member and un-check the 'all' box. Now you can select the queues in which you want the staff member to receive emails for. Leave all the boxes unchecked and the staff member will not receive any new ticket notifications. Disable for end users: Admin Settings > Helpdesk Configuration > Email Handling **Comment Added Notification** The comment added email is sent to the ticket submitter (end user) or assignee when a comment has been added to the ticket. To prevent an email being sent to the ticket submitter use the 'Private Message' option. This not only prevents an email from being sent to the ticket submitter, it prevent the ticket submitter from seeing the comment on the ticket when logged into the portal. At this time, there is not a way to prevent the email with the end user's comment from sending to the helpdesk agents. The only option is to turn off all emails from sending to an agent in the agent's profile settings. **Assigned To Notification** This email is sent to the staff member who has been assigned the ticket. Only the ticket assignee receives this email, not the end user nor other staff. There is not a way to prevent this email from being sent. **Ticket Re-Assigned Notification** This email is sent to the new ticket assignee and the previous ticket assignee. There is not a way to prevent this email from being sent. **Ticket Rating Email** This email is sent 24 hours after a ticket has been marked 'closed'. The email can be disabled by going to Admin Settings > Helpdesk Configuration > Send Rating Email = OFF. You can also stop ratings all together by choosing Allow Ratings = OFF in Helpdesk Configuration > Miscellaneous Settings. **Other Emails** Other emails may be sent by a Trigger or an Automation. To disable automated responses go to Admin Settings > Triggers or Admin Settings > Automations.
Published on: 2013-09-13
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