Managing Tickets

How do I customize the ticket list?

You can customize the columns and the amount of detail in the ticket view list. Watch this video to learn how.

Bulk ticket updates

Bulk actions on tickets are possible from the ticket list.Select the tickets you want to update, then choose an action.

What is the Pending Confirmation list?

There is a helpdesk setting which requires the end user to confirm a ticket they submitted (via their email). This acts as a spam catch.The main setting is managed in Admin Settings > Helpdesk Configuration. Scroll down until you see the "Tickets Pending Confirmation" section.When this is turned ...

Event log

Mojo Helpdesk records most user actions in an event log. Events are kept for a certain period of time. Event log retention policy varies based on the help desk plan.

Tips for Using the Mojo Search Engine

Here are a few tips to take advantage of Mojo's search engine. Mojo searches the title and description of the ticket including custom fields and ticket comments.  Search performs an exact lookup unless a wildcard symbol such as * or ? is used. Wild Card Searches Examples: serv*s will ma...

What is the Pending Confirmation list and how can I use it to prevent Spam tickets from being created?

There is a Ticket Setting you can turn on that will require a ticket submitter/requester to confirm a ticket that they have submitted is valid (submitted either through the HelpCenter or by email) by responding to the confirmation email they receive after creating a new ticket.  This setting can ...

What are the types of ticket statuses?

In Mojo Helpdesk, a ticket status can be set to: New, In progress, On hold, Information requested, Solution offered or Closed.  These ticket statuses will fall into one of two groups: New, In progress, On hold, and Information requested status are considered to be an Open ticket, and these are ti...